The Shop appears randomly like other safe zones unless you have the Member's Card Upgrade in which case it appears at the start of every floor.

The track that plays in the shop normally is the first variant of Mochi Yasan. In the underwater shop, the second variant plays.

Prices Edit

The prices listed below are normal, with the Member's Card, everything is discounted 10%, with Handstand Style, everything is discounted 30%. You can spend gems at the shop for the following items, any 3 of which may appear when you find a shop:

Rice Ball Sushi Battery Car Battery Energy Drink Curry
Effect heal 1 hp heal 2 hp +1 charge +2 charge heal 1 / +1 charge +1 hp slot
World 1 300 G 500 G 150 G 250 G 400 G 1000 G
World 2 500 G 700 G 350 G 450 G 600 G 1200 G
World 3 700 G 900 G 550 G 650 G 800 G 1400 G
World 4 900 G 1100 G 750 G 850 G 1000 G 1600 G
World 5 1100 G 1300 G 950 G 1050 G 1200 G 1800 G

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to jump over the counter. However the shopkeeper will start glaring at you until you're on the other side. if you are too close to the counter when you start your jump, you will start a transaction instead, and the shopkeeper will say something to you whether or not you have the gems.
  • in an older build the player had the ability to destroy the containers with the items, however doing so will anger the shop keeper and make them attack you
  • Attempting to purchase an item which you cannot afford, the shopkeeper will say "TOO POOR!"
  • Attempting to purchase an item which you have already bought will result in the shopkeeper saying either, "WHAT", "HUH", or "?", In response.

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