Downwell's Official Sound Track, or OST for short, comes with fourteen tracks, used, unused, and mixed. The OST is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

The tracks and their context are as follows:

  1. Uroboros: Plays in World 1. Leitmotif for the main game.
  2. We Were Fine Until You Showed Up: Plays in World 2. Spooky and disjointed.
  3. Razor Girl: Plays in World 3. Calm and String accompanied.
  4. Broken Ghost: Plays in World 4. Eerie and ambient.
  5. Slumber Party: Plays while fighting the Boss. Intense and fast.
  6. Credits: Plays after defeating the Boss and while credits roll. Remix/Mix of tracks 1-5.
  7. Mochi Yasan: A mix of the Shop music and the Underwater Shop music, which is just an instrument swap.
  8. Lustre: Plays in the overworld. Calm and ambient.
  9. Tomato Funk: Plays in the final room after running the game without going into any shops or rooms. Uses instruments from the first variant of Mochi Yasan.
  10. Limbo (Variation 1): Special track by Ilkae. Remix of Broken Ghost. Name refers to World 4.
  11. JPEG Optimizer Ver. 0.2 ~水中夢~: Unused track. Electronic and ambient.
  12. Gunboots: Remix of the main leitmotif of the game. Name is based off of the main weapon.
  13. Limbo (Variation 2): Special track by Ilkae. Remix of Broken Ghost. Name refers to World 4.
  14. Razor Girl (Piano Version): Instrument swap and slight remix of Razor Girl. Main instrument is piano-like, no strings.

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